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Day 17-Oct 9-Sun-Castle Row on the Rhine to Koblenz,Germany

Day 16-Oct 9-Sun-Castle Row on the Rhine to Koblenz, Germany

Our ship stayed in the port of Rüdesheim overnight so that we could cruise by the castles that line the Rhine River during the morning light. Right after breakfast, we pulled out of port. We cruised by 16 Castles, but I have selected just four to share. Some are in ruins, and some have been restored. If there is a flag flying, it usually means that some one is in residence.

(Be sure to click on the picture for a larger version, sometimes with commentary.)

En route, we passed Lorelei, a large rock rising 440 feet above the river. Since the time of Ancient Greece, there have been legends of sirens, women-creatures who lure sailors to their death with sweet songs. Ancient Germanic legend places one such siren (Lorelei) here, and it is said she enticed sailors to destruction below the rock. In our case, Lorelei looks strangely like Carol, one of our Program Directors.

We were treated to sausages and beer after the last castle to help us warm up as it was very chilly up on the sundeck. Then a full three course lunch at 1pm, featuring a delicious mushroom soup, goulash, and a pistachio ice cream sundae. Luckily, the servings are small.

At 2:45 we disembarked the ship for a guided walking tour of Koblenz, set at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Originally established as an outpost of the Roman Empire in 8 BC and named Castellum apud Confluentes, the town became a city in the 13th century and served as the home of French refugees during the French Revolution. Here are some highlights in pictures.

(Be sure to click on the picture for a larger version, sometimes with commentary.)

Where four streets converge in old town Koblenz, there is a neighborhood square. These 4 cornices on each of the four corner structures overlook that Square. I enjoy looking at the details of structures most of all.

Koblenz has several sculptures located around the city that are humorous. The market wife is complaining to the policeman that a neighbour’s dog has just urinated on her basket and she wants him to fix the problem!

The “chaengle”  is spitting water. Chaengles were children of French soldiers and German women. Their single moms had to work to support their families, and so the children were frequently called “naughty” (chaengle) as they freely roamed about town.

This evening we will meet with the guide who will lead our tour to Bruges, Belgium so we can get ready for that. Dinner will follow that meeting, AND THEN, we will be entertained by an accordian orchestra.

Ciao for now!

2 thoughts on “Day 17-Oct 9-Sun-Castle Row on the Rhine to Koblenz,Germany

  1. I’ve been following your amazing trip. What beautiful sites you have seen and I’m sure they’re even more outstanding in person…of course the delicious food and beer make them look even more inviting. Good to see you’re enjoying your vacation and you always seem to pick the most perfect spots. Just make sure you return home safe and well….I certainly don’t want a different neighbor across the street. The glamour and history of Europe never fades!

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  2. Another interesting day! Al and I have explored Rheinfels castle and Marksburg Castle. We really enjoyed both of them overlooking the Rhein. We’ve just driven by Koblenz. It looks like an interesting place – I think all those German towns are so wonderful! Are you in Brugge tomorrow? I really don’t want you to be done!😀

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad


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