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All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017

The winter of 2017 is proving to be a productive time. I recently completed two art pieces for the “Places in Time” series which follows my life and travels. This piece reflects time that we spent in a condo in Valencia, Spain in 2015. The description below the picture tells a bit about how it was accomplished. I placed the original photograph at the bottom for reference. I hope you enjoy seeing the finished product as well as the process, and if you do or if it illicits a memory, please share in the comments  below.

TEA TIME on Callé de Cadiz Valencia, Spain 2017                                                                               Mary A Ritter                                                                                                                                                     25”w x 33”h                                                                                                                                                          A Valencian scrambles back to her third floor condo ready to relax after a long day. In an hour or so, she will return to work until late evening. The tea is poured and she relaxes on the balcony overlooking Callé de Cadiz, watching the families beginning to gather for their siesta meal or caña (small beer) at the sidewalk cafés below. The traffic is quieted during this time of day, and the warmth of the sun and the tea are a respite from her busy world.

All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017

Detail of TEA TIME: The photograph of Callé de Cadiz (Cadiz Street) was taken while I vacationed in Valencia, Spain for two months in Spring 2015. It was altered in several digital apps and then printed on cotton lawn by Spoonflower. Pieced hand-dyed fabrics enhance the design along the edges, with fabric paint, machine embroidery, silk hand embroidered flowers and machine quilting. All work done by the artist.

All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017


7 thoughts on “TEA TIME

    1. Did you notice that I inserted Al and Norm right below the balcony…. the map readers?
      Thanks for the compliment too. It has been juried into the May/June show at Page-Walker Art Gallery here in Cary.


  1. WOW…and WOW again….absolutely breathtaking. Love every color, every detail both large and miniature, every image, the depth, and certainly every stitch put into this masterpiece. Thank you for making me share this lovely place and time without even leaving my home and certainly for always bringing back a piece of your wonderful adventures to us. Can’t stop looking at it and thank you for sharing your most amazing talents with us.


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