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Carolina Spring

RitterCarolinaSpringFull3All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017

Dogwoods! Wisteria! North Carolina’s springtime showcases beautiful blossoming trees. Driving through the woods that align the roadways, one can see deeply into dark thickets where bright blossoms seem to provide their own sunshine. Listen! You can hear the birds enjoying their shelters therein. The shimmering blossoms serenaded by birdsong inspired this art quilt.

All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017


All rights reserved. ©Mary A Ritter 2017

2 thoughts on “Carolina Spring

  1. So inspiring with such soothing and inviting shades blended to tell a story of Spring. I can see that the birds are attracted to the beautiful blending of the warm colors. Thank you Mary for continuing to invite us all the enjoy your many outstanding talents. Once again, another masterpiece! Love it.


  2. That quilt is beautiful, Mary! You really are so creative and productive! I love it! Hugs, Ingrid

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad



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