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Sketching NYC’s Broadway…

At every art lesson I’ve attended, I’m usually told to take a journal with me everywhere and sketch whenever I get a chance. Being me, I still prefer the camera. However, this artist, Lisa Engler, is inspiring me to TRY to give sketching a chance. Elise Engler’s apartment window overlooks NYC’s Broadway. For 43 years she rode her bike around Manhattan until she was hit by a truck and injured her left arm. During her recovery, she “sketched” Broadway. Every day for a year, she chose a different block along the avenue and drew a sketch of something significant in that block.  At this link, you can view the results (as seen on CBS Sunday Morning.) Trust me, you will love it! And, you may even begin to sketch as the first step. A blessing came from an accident, giving her TIME to sit still everyday and sketch.


To read more about art quilts, click on the PAQA-South link, where as the President for 2017-2018 I am keeping their website and Facebook pages updated as best I can. Sometimes there is overlap that I can post here too.

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6 thoughts on “Sketching NYC’s Broadway…

  1. After your posting about Elise, I watched CBS Sunday Morning and saw her segment…so good…thanks again for making us aware of such talented people…and you are among the most talented!


    1. I agree. I just have trouble sitting still long enough to sketch something…. I do lots of erasing etc. I guess practice makes perfect, or at least competent, and I just need to do it more. Instead, I take a picture and then come home and make a rough plan from the picture, or actually use the picture and change it in an app. Still, I agree. I wish I could sketch like this! So good to hear from you on my blog!


  2. Yes. She was on CBS Sunday Morning… the interview was great. Sketching probably isn’t going to happen for me. I can’t sit still long enough. I prefer a camera and graphic arts approach…. but someday…. maybe…. when I am old… I will sketch.


  3. How interesting…thanks for sharing the piece on Elise…enjoyed looking at her works and then the video interview. Was she on CBS Sunday Morning today?…DVRd it but haven’t watched yet. She is so talented…so are you so looking forward to seeing some of your sketches.


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