Italy 2017

October 9, 2017 – Monday, Arezzo

October 9, 2017 – Monday Daytime, Arezzo

Italian language class in the morning – we have a terrific teacher named Paola who really kept us on our toes practicing practical Italian like arrivederchi, ciao, buon giorno, buona serra etc. She filled her whiteboard with a spray of related words several times, explaining as she went. When Nancy told her we needed restaurant Italian, this is the spray of words she came up with.


Quick with her iPhone, Nancy clicked a picture we could keep for reference. Since our classroom is above a caffetteria, it is a particularly helpful to practice our Italian.


After class and a light lunch in the caffetteria, Nancy and Andrea decided to take a stroll around Arezzo. Being the senior member of this group of 7 by 9 months, I decided to return to the room for a rest and some blog and internet time. They came back laughing about how many times I would have objected to the route they took. Look at this one… They walked UP this street –  I most certainly would have taken a cab.

Photo by Nancy Garman

They did, however, get to see this beautiful Roman gate and wall.

Photo by Nancy Garman

Italian cooking class this evening – see next post.


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