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October 14, 2017 – Saturday, Florence Food Tour

October 14, 2017 – Saturday, Arezzo-Florence Food Tour

The train station is quite close to our hotel, so we hopped aboard for a short ride to Florence. We met our guide and began the walking food tour. Little did we know that we would walk 17000 steps before we dropped into bed. We were saved by stopping for food and beverage quite often.

Let’s start with a pastry!

Now for the coffee…

Just passing by…

Now some wine and bruschetta… (Procacci 1885)

Now into the Mercato Centrale.

Can’t leave without sampling balsamic vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How about some Tuscan beefsteak?

Some lunch, perhaps? But of course, we need to have gelato.

Nancy, Andrea, and I took a later train so we could shop. We visited a fancy paper shop and a hand-painted ceramics shop that had been in existence for 7 generations. Then we returned to the outdoor mercato. Some scarf merchants were very happy when we left.

Seven miles of walking and an hour on the train brought us back to Arezzo, but there was an International Food Festival occurring in Arezzo, so we toured through that on our way to L’Hotel Aretina, stopping in a German booth to have a brat! Then back to the hotel, where we were so glad to just sink into bed. Every step worth it.

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5 thoughts on “October 14, 2017 – Saturday, Florence Food Tour

  1. Ok…thanks for posting all these goodies. Glad you had another day in Florence. We never made it to the Mercato Centrale…will do next time. Verrazzano Cantina is one of our favorite places to eat.


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