Italy 2017

October 15, 2017 – Sunday, Arezzo-Siena

October 15, 2017 – Sunday, Arezzo-Siena

Sunday was an unexpected free day, so we boarded a bus and headed out to Siena, home to Il Palio, the famous horse races held in their piazza, del Campo, with the tall bell tower, El Mangio in the Palazzo Public. The art gallery featuring El Palio in a painting is Galleria D’Arte.


Andrea took a wonderful panoramic shot of Piazza del Campo. Can you imagine horses racing around the edges of this piazza?


After you climb the hill above the Piazza del Campo, you catch a glimpse of the beautiful Italian Gothic cathedral, Siena Cathedral.


Looking for our lunch place, where I had cheese-filled ravioli in sage/butter sauce, we crossed paths with another ceramic shop. Oh. Oh.


It took many steps to find our bus back to Arezzo and a good night’s sleep. All the steps were well worth the day filled with adventure and vistas.


3 thoughts on “October 15, 2017 – Sunday, Arezzo-Siena

  1. Andrea’s panoramic of Siena is great. We also went to Siena on a Sunday…oh, the parades, drums, and throwing of the flags…we used an intercity bus…ok going but end of a holiday weekend so much traffic on our return…such a young, patient bus driver.

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