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October 16, 2017 – Monday, Arezzo-Chef Lalla #3

October 16, 2017 – Monday, An Arezzo Walk and Chef Lalla #3

Today is my full day of rest, self-imposed. Beth took Andrea, Nancy, Katie and Walt on an expansive stroll around and up to the higher points in Arezzo – 9,000 steps according to Andrea’s Fitbit.

I was so relaxed and ready for our third, five-hour cooking lesson and meal with Chef Lalla. She greeted us once again with stuzzichini (cheese with fig jam and crescents rolled around a sausage mixture) and prosecco. Now down to work. Our pasta tonight is pici – a thick spaghetti. The dough is simply semolina flour and water, no eggs. It is Walt’s birthday, and his choice was to go to Chef Lalla’s to cook and eat. I think a surprise awaits him.


Then in usual fashion, we served as sous chefs as she prepared the remaining dishes. Side dishes are cooked carrots and spinach in butter.



The main dish is pork with peppercorns, along with pici in a tomato, butter and garlic sauce. Can’t you just hear it sizzle and smell the garlic and tomatoes?


Now to end the meal… A salad and a dessert fruit cup…


And a special wine with the birthday cake! Happy birthday Walt!







3 thoughts on “October 16, 2017 – Monday, Arezzo-Chef Lalla #3

  1. I can just imagine the wonderful aromas of food and wine you have encountered during your fantastic journey. I’m sure you both enjoyed every minute as well as all the amazing sites and scenery you have seen along the way…

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