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Sunday Drive Along Blue Ridge Parkway

My daughter, Andrea, and I decided to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville to Blowing Rock, NC. It turned out to be an eventful drive as we climbed much higher in elevation than we expected. We also spent some time at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center at the wonderful museum there. Then, we saw some “white stuff” along the side of the road venturing up into the stunted trees at about 6,000 elevation. Enjoy some of our photos and then plan to visit this National Park someday soon!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Drive Along Blue Ridge Parkway

    1. Have you and Al visited Asheville or Blowing Rock? Asheville reminds me of a small European city – fabulous restaurants and art galleries etc. It is an enjoyable place to spend a couple of days. We could meet you there! Or, Blowing Rock – which is just a unique small town with great food and lots of shops – some unique artisan shops, and the Parkway nearby for a quick drive.


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