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PAQA-South ART QUILT dreams

The 2019 International Juried ARTQUILTSdreams is open and will be available for viewing at Page-Walker Gallery and History Center from March 27-May 18. Be sure to call prior to planning to be sure other activities do not prevent viewing (119 Ambassador Loop, Cary, NC * 919-460-4963) Enjoy viewing Page-Walker Gallery shots, individual photos and statements at the link below. The exhibit is stunning, so if you can see it in person, it is well worth it!

4 thoughts on “PAQA-South ART QUILT dreams

  1. Amazing – a field of masterpieces all on display in one place! Each one so unique and telling its own story. What a display of talented artistry and such crafty hands bringing these stories to life. Thank you Mary for making us aware of such beauty and talent only a few steps away. Also, thank you for reminding us that we are all a product of the “roots” that we have planted in this great country. Your room upstairs has certainly seen such beautiful crafts created.


    1. Thanks, Marie. I have been redesigning my blog, so some of the same messages are being sent out again against my will! Oh well, all done now. Thanks for your kind message.


  2. Amazing…looked at all the quilts…what a delight! Especially like yours and the story behind the design…as a farmer’s daughter, I can identify!


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