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My journal for our recent trip to France (Provence-Burgundy-Paris) is ready for your eyes to see. I could not present it as a daily blog because the ship blocked uploading of this sort of genre. So I took notes and spent time this first week home putting it all together. The main audience for it is “me” – it is my record of what we experienced. It all becomes a blur rather quickly unless documented. You can find it at this link: Provence-Burgundy-Paris. I tested it on my laptop and on my iPhone. It takes a few seconds to load the first time, but after that it runs smoothly on both platforms. Once again, merci beaucoup to Michel Etienne, our GCCL guide who worked so diligently to make everything wonderful, and to all the local guides, Robin (French Riviera), Anna (Paris), Gilles (Covered Passages) and more, who made it so enjoyable. Read and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Bonjour!

  1. Thank you for your comment about my country (France and my city Vienne. With my husband, we wre your hosts in Vienne and we were very pleased to meet you . It was a great afternoon. Thank you for your visit and the words you wrote about it. Best regards
    Jocelyne Pion


  2. You just made my Saturday morning coffee time so special….throughly enjoyed…so glad you did this for your own memories and shared with us. Superb job…going to read again now and look at the photos more carefully. You guys covered so much ground…the tour and guides did a fab job. Can’t believe you did this the first week home…it takes me a week to get over the jet lag!!!! Where to next??


    1. Thanks Dee! I am so glad you enjoyed seeing France again through my eyes. Norm cannot believe that I remember the details, but I do take some notes and the pictures help me remember. If I do not write it down, I forget what it was all about, and it was so good. I have bronchitis as I always get so tired from these trips – but I will not stop traveling. I just have to learn how to adjust better during the trip, or just get more fit overall.


    1. Hi Kathy –
      So glad you are reading through it. I don’t think I have the stamina to travel and write – I need too much down time between trips. This trip was to celebrate Norm’s 75th birthday, so next year should hold another trip, and I have several in mind!


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