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Wow! When the quarantine started and continued, I hunkered down in my studio and concentrated on creativity. With June 2022 approaching, I have decided to add a couple of recent activities and return to blogging ”occasionally”, but not daily. Please comment or email to join in the conversation

Earlier this year, my friends encouraged me to join FALC (Fine Arts League-Cary), an organization that emphasizes local art exhibits. In that regard, a reception was held at The Mayton in downtown Cary to celebrate the start of a monthly exhibit in their gallery halls on the second and third floors.

We’ve enjoyed a few meals there with friends since the reception and always found everything to be delicious.

“El Tajo Gorge” from my photograph and research about Ronda, Spain was juried into the May-June exhibit along with a variety of exquisite paintings.

The views of the El Tajo gorge, once a fortification in its own natural right, and the surrounding countryside are spectacular and captured my imagination on a visit in 2015. The full colors of sunset were spectacular, as was the view during the full hot sun of daylight. The Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) is the third and newest of bridges built to promote the flow of residents and world-wide visitors through town. It was built in 1793 and took forty-two years for construction. There are two older bridges and all three bridges now unite the culturally diverse societies. Puente Nuevo provides not only a physical path between the two cliffs above the El Tajo gorge, but also conjoins the old culture and architecture set apart by the gorge in ancient times with more modern society and structures on the other end. When in Spain, do not miss a visit to Ronda!

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