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Elements of Art

I mentioned a while back that I am taking a monthly class from Lyric Kinard on the Elements of Art.  So far, we have covered texture and space.  Between classes, I work on drawing and applying the element of the month.  Last week, I worked on drawing a still life using a frame around it to help me with the spacial relationships between the pieces of the still life.  Here is a picture of that process.  I’m going to draw another still life today, just for practice. Hint:  Lyric still has room in her Thermofax Class.  Come join our Elements class in her home studio!

My proportions are not quite right, but the practice gives me confidence.
Fiber Arts

Water Color practice…

Yesterday I attempted to water color the ink drawing I had completed of a dogwood flower.  The first attempt was scratched, but I learned to use more water and less color.  The quotes about beauty are from *The Book of Qualities* by J. Ruth Gendler.