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The STUDIO ART QUILT ASSOCIATES (SAQA) is currently auctioning off donated quilts to raise the funds to support their promulgation of the quilting/fiber arts. I am honored to participate by donating my 12×12″ piece to this effort. It is up for bidding this week. Check it out, along with the other quilts available for bidding/purchase this week. Week Two Auction Quilts

“A BETTER WORLD” is currently on display online. This originated as an invitational exhibit, and again, I was honored to be invited to participate. Forty of the pieces will travel to the International Quilt Show in Houston. If you want to be inspired, read all of the entries into this show of heroes. They are listed in alphabetical order by artists’ last name – mine is in the R category, of course.

Copyright© 2009 All images and text in all categories are copyright of Mary A. Ritter (aka M'Unique) and may not be reproduced without express permission. · Fiber Arts

Benefit Auction…

purchased at SAQA online Benefit Auction for the Hendricks Collection

In a quick splash of activity and color, I created a 12″x 12″ piece mid-summer for the SAQA Benefit Auction, which is happening right now. The first two pages of donations have already been auctioned off.  Each page of quilts is offered in an online auction for a week’s time, and each day of that week, the beginning bid prices are reduced.  The amount starts at $750 and is reduced each day until the last day when the quilts are offered for a $75 bid. No matter what price is gained, all of the proceeds go to SAQA as a fundraiser to support art quilting opportunities around the USA.  If a quilt does not sell during its week, the piece is placed in the SAQA store, and for the most part, each one sells pretty quickly once in the store. I was very pleased that my offering sold during the auction… it’s just fun to watch during the week as the pieces are marked “SOLD”.  It was purchased for the Hendricks Collection.  Maureen Hendricks purchases several pieces every year, mounts and frames them, and creates groupings to decorate the Gateway Canyons resort cabanas in Gateway, Colorado where they can be enjoyed year round. The Alegre Quilting Retreat is held there annually, so they are doubly appreciated during that time. There are still two-three days of bidding remaining, so check out the links above and see what is there.  Then give your support to SAQA by purchasing one of the little art pieces.  Let me know if you purchase something, I will honor it on my blog.

Fiber Arts

Revisiting winter projects…

Aloha!Entitled “Aloha!”

This 7″x10″ hibiscus was donated to Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA)  for their “2014 SAQA Trunk Show“, an international traveling display. (Click on H and scroll down.) I completed it at the end of 2013 and sent it off in a blur.  I’m glad I took the time to snap a few photos for my own memory.  It is completed with appliqué, embroidery and thread painting.

When I worked on “Hey, Mom”, written about in a previous blog, I also completed “Fall Frenzy: Look out below!”  I needed to revisit the faces and to add some emphasis to the leaves, so it was not complete enough to be accepted into the 2014-4FallFrenzy*PAQA-South ARTS Whimsy display which takes place April 23-June 23 at the Page Walker Art Center.  However, you can see it here and in the Smokey Mountain Quilt Show which occurs in May in Knoxville, TN!  We’ll make a family trip over to Knoxville (about 5 hours away) to view Fall Frenzy, Farm Home, and my daughter’s “sky” quilt – her first attempt at a textile art piece. It shows my grandniece and grandnephew enjoying some frolicking in the leaves last fall.  The textile art was inspired by a photo taken by their mom, Jody.  She posted it on Facebook which made me think it would tell a good story in textile art.  Enjoy!  2014-4FallFrenzy*E  2014-4FallFrenzy*M