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“Why does the banana tree keep its leaves?”…

… you might ask. The picture below should answer that question. No? Well, perhaps I should have entitled this blog, “Find Mary!”

Zeus and Europa Torremolinos, España March 25, 2015


It seems that Zeus saw the Goddess Europa and instantly was smitten. In order to attract her attention, he turned himself into a great white bull. When she alighted on his back, he stole her away and seduced her under a banana tree. (Sorry! I should have forwarned you of adult content, but they do have this statue and plaque with the story right there in one of the main plazas.) Anyway, it seems this is forever an honor for the humble banana tree. So as a result, it never loses its leaves! Did you “Find Mary”? More serious content to follow…. Or maybe not. We still have 23 days remaining in our condo here in Andulucia so I am bound to find many more stories to tell.

For the first time, it is balmy enough to open some of the glass panels, creating a wonderful outdoor living room.

Castillo de Santa Clara March 25, 2015