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Once in a Blue Moon…

My daughter and I traveled to Blowing Rock, NC last week to attend the three-day “Once in a Blue Moon Fiber Art Retreat” led by Susan Brubaker Knapp and Lyric Kinard.   Whole cloth painting, beading, seed embroidery, thread sketching – the two of us did it all, learned so much, created while letting the apprehensions fly away, and met new “fabulously friendly” people from NC, TN, VA, FL and even Phoenix, Arizona.  If you scroll down on the link above, you will find my daughter and myself working away at our thread sketching project.  She was just learning to operate the sewing machine’s many features and succeeded with excellent results and praise from all. The best day for me was the whole cloth painting lesson.  It took me all day, with a bit of time after dinner in the evening, to complete the two leaves, using one of Susan’s photographs as a model.

Croton-my painting-50  Croton-SBKnappPhoto
Profab paints on fabric on left                Photograph by Susan Brubaker Knapp on right
Blending of the paints to achieve the colors was the most challenging, but now I have the confidence to give it another try…. perhaps with a poinsettia, given the season that is approaching.  We were not required to match the photograph’s colors and could focus on the color values in any hue , but I chose to duplicate the colors.  

Speaking of colors and paints, the bi-weekly email letter from Robert Genn arrived in my Inbox this morning.  I added a widget on the right side of this blog to quickly link out to his musings and those of his daughter.  I am a subscriber to his blog, on the recommendation of a friend, and I gain so much from reading it.  He gave some insightful comments about “colour” in his blog from December 1, 2006, which is referenced in today’s blog by his daughter.


Prior to attending the retreat, I was busy with home deco and boutique projects.  I completed a bed size throw for my son which is of a modern quality with masculine colors.  Our local community held a boutique, so I put together a dozen purses, sold some of them and sent the rest as gifts to friends who have hosted or entertained us on our travels.  Never a dull moment!  I’m excited about new projects that lie ahead so I can exercise the newly learned skills and will show some of them more regularly in the days ahead.

2013-10&11Sales-50   2013-10&11Gifts-50sm
Totes/Messenger Bags sold at BH Boutique      Totes sent to friends as gifts ~ Enjoy!